Bev. 7 Entertainment is a growing company that focuses on teaching young artists the business aspect of the music industry and giving them a hands on stage experience.  Our mission is to assist local talent with resources such as Studio Time, Fashion, Promotion, Sales, Copy Rights, Publishing, Shows, Management, and Videos. Take a look at some of our most recent images and footage to see for yourself how Bev. 7 Members Benefit from the company. Charity and Fundraisers events are how we display and distribute our products to the public. We also have a Workshop for our members that includes a Home Sound Recording Equipment, CD and DVD Burners, Graphic Design Center, Heat Press, Silk Screen Machine, Vinyl Cutter, Embroidery Machine, Video Cameras and Camcorders, and Video Center. Chauffeur Services is only available to our Members and Sponsors for their grateful contributions. Events are for all the artists to engage with their community by socializing and displaying their talent. Everything we do at Bev. 7 Entertainment is to empower the community with our words, visions, and actions. We hope all our artists learn how to be independent and use their compensations to revitalize the distress buildings in our community and become owners of our city.   

Our Accomplishments 2007- 2018

 Empowering the Community With Our Words, Visions, and Actions