The Community Chill Spot 

Beauty In the Badlands is an Outdoor Venue where Local Musicians and Independent Contractors come to reach the community. Local Musicians can write and record their music on site because Beauty In the Badlands provide studio recording services with professional home recording equipment and a spacious lounge area with surround sound, comfortable furniture, and food vending. Beauty in the Badlands Offers musicians a place to write, record, and lounge Monday to Thursday 12pm to 12am for $5 entrance fee per person which includes access to food, snacks, beverages, with on site assistance. Independent Contractors can also enjoy the benefits of Beauty In the Badlands by interacting with community members and local talent to gain a relatable presence that enable people to have stronger community relationships. Beauty In the Badlands offers Independent Contractors Community Outreach Services every Monday to Thursday for $5 entrance fee per person which includes access to food, snacks, beverages, with on site assistance. Beauty In the Badlands offers the local communities the opportunity to come together to create music and job opportunities that will benefit the youth by teaching them that honest work is the only way to turn dreams into reality. If you are interested in coming out to the venue to support your local artists we offer Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Weekend Dinners that help fund local artists Showcases such as Dinner and Dance, Promotions such as Facebook ads, and Company Expenses.

The Community Supports Bev.7 


Food and Drink Menu

Starting@$25 Donation we offer Soul Food and Seafood catered Platter Packages to help Local Independent Chefs

Starting @$10 Donation we offer Delivery to help reach outside communities and Independent Drivers

Baked Goods and HomeMade Drinks 

Lemon Tea, Pink Lemonade, Bloody Rose, Orange Savage, and Sweet Candy 

$50 Donation we Offer Homemade Drink Packages to help Independent Beverage Companies

$100 Donation we Offer Baked Goods Packages to help Independent Bakers  

Accomplishments 2007 to 2020


We Have Mixtape Packages Available

Looking For Management We Are Here

Sales, Exposure, and Quality Music Starting @ $100/monthly


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